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Scape Ventures launches the lab into your life.

Scape Ventures

Scape Agency

Scape Agency is a spatial innovation collective that dreams, discovers and designs the everyday of tomorrow. We blend design thinking with emerging technologies to create a brighter perspective for people and planet. Our products and services naturalise technology in liveable and sustainable –scapes that spark the imagination and inspire future generations.


Scape Foundation

The Scape Foundation aims to enhance the biodiversity and liveability of urban communities for all living things. We connect researchers, designers and developers to create sustainable and future-proof green ecosystems through open source projects, research, data and tools.



Grey to Green! Ecolve is a greentech startup that develops circular and bioreceptive building materials. Our vision is to eliminate the need to emit carbon to produce building materials. A truly sustainable environment is created in symbiosis with nature through all levels of scale and disciplines.




Frame the Future! Speckle is a cinematic platform for visions of the near future. Speckle extrapolates current technological and societal developments through a multi-channel engagement format. Speckle is a joint venture between Oculus Film and Scape Agency.



Starling develops cutting-edge applications that bring your products to life! We create scalable infrastructure that transforms your production processes and market propositions. Our applications leverage the power of cloud-based computation and parametric design so you can offer customized products to clients anywhere, anytime.



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